Vals Curry Indian Cusine
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Vals Curry Cuisine, enjoy cooking these simple Authentic  
   Curry dishes from th Indian Subcontinent.

   Indians dishes are: Butter Chicken, Lamb Curry, Chili
   Chicken, Keema Curry(Minced Pork) as well as the ever  
   Healthy Lentil Curry.

   So have fun in experimenting with these recipes and share  
   the aromatic tastes of Indian Curries with all your friends  
   and family members.

   Indian Cooking have been spicing up the tables all around
   the World, with it’s cultural taste,   wonderful colors you
   will be delighted with the exotic flavours of the East.

   I have created my own recipes that only add to the already
   tastes of these lovely well known Curry Dishes, so   enjoy
   and have fun in experimenting with them.

   Contact: Val , for all your Curry Needs!